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Everyday you have important tasks that you need to need to focus on by any means. Write these tasks into your todo list, let them be sorted by priority and check your goals multiple times a day so you dont forget about them! Focus on the tasks the will keep moving you forward! For us the most important things matter the most.

Chililist is an organization tool for you, your projects and your career. You can use it to organize your Life digitaly, for example business or private appointments. Chililist takes care of your task management and your Labor Organisatin. It is fast and userfriendly and you can use it fully from most devices and operatingsystems worldwide.

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todo Lists

Vacation, Moving to a new home or just your Grocery list: Make lists for everything! You can have access to your lists from everywhere: Your desktop PC or from your Mobilephone.


‘Chililists‘ are to do lists that sort your tasks by importance automaticly. You just have to state how heavy the workload is and how high the earnings of your task will be. Thats how you set your prioritys straight.


Timeboxing is a tool of the project management and makes sure that you stay focused on a single task for a certain ammount of time. Instead of working on a task until it is done you work on it for a certain amount of time. Instead of working on a task until it is done you work on it for a set amount of time.


Write down your thoughts, ideas and links for a task to keep it on your mind at all times.

Share data

Simply attach important data to the tasks.

Talk about your tasks

Share your thoughts about tasks in the comment section.

Assign tasks

Assign your tasks to other people.

Work together

Work on a list with a lot of different people. Share them with your Team.

Create subtasks

Create Subtasks of your projects easily via Drag and Drop.

Set up Deadlines

Set up Deadlines for your tasks and never miss a deadline again.

Move your tasks

Move tasks to different lists with just a few clicks.

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